The 17th Edition of the Requirements Engineering Track (RE-Track'24) is part of the 39th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM SAC). The ACM SAC has been a primary gathering forum for applied computer scientists, computer engineers, software engineers, and application developers from around the world.

Requirements Engineering (RE) is recognized as a critical activity in any systems engineering process. The growing number of complex and multidisciplinary software applications, the speed at which they need to be developed while respecting conflicting goals (e.g. the sustainability dimensions), the heterogeneous environment they need to recognize and interconnect with, and the degree to which they are expected to change, all play a role in determining how the development process should be conducted.

Independently of the nature of the system, producing good requirements is essential for delivering quality products designed to meet the complexities of our advanced information society. Such requirements must be measurable, testable, aligned with business goals, needs, or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail to reduce the gap in software design.

Therefore, the objective of this track is to explore advances in Requirements Engineering to cope with the increasing demand for better quality-oriented software systems in heterogeneous and multidisciplinary environments.

According to ACM SAC 2024 registration policy: Paper registration is mandatory to allow the inclusion of the work in the conference proceedings and in the ACM digital library. An author or a proxy attending SAC must present the paper. No-show of registered papers and posters will result in their exclusion from the ACM digital library.

Further details may be found at: https://www.sigapp.org/sac/sac2024/.