The Requirements Engineering Track (RE-SAC'25) of the 40th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners with an interest in applied requirements engineering. The 2025 edition of the track will be held in Catania, Italy and is the latest of 18 successful editions that have been annually offered since 2008. The ACM SAC is an exciting event in which applied computer scientists, computer engineers, and application developers with diverse interests and backgrounds, gather, interact, and present their work.

Requirements Engineering (RE) is widely acknowledged to be a critical activity in the engineering of software-intensive systems. As systems grow in size, complexity, variability, role multiplicity, and autonomy, the necessity for properly performing key requirements engineering tasks becomes increasingly apparent. Such tasks encompass elicitation, analysis, modeling, negotiation, prioritization, documentation, tracing, and validation.

Modern requirements analysts encounter numerous challenges in performing these tasks. These include meeting demands for rapid changeability and continuous delivery, addressing specialized problem domains spanning multiple disciplines, dealing with highly heterogeneous technical and business environments, and navigating intricate organizational and social structures. Additionally, they must contend with complex landscapes of existing systems, technologies, and regulations within which solutions must be deployed. Moreover, the advent of data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems both challenges the traditional ways by which requirements are analyzed and introduces new opportunities for assisting the analysis process.

We invite original contributions, including but not limited to technical solutions, empirical studies, industrial case studies, literature reviews, and theoretical contributions. In alignment with the main objectives of the SAC conference we particularly welcome papers with a direct impact to the practice of Requirements Engineering.

According to ACM SAC 2025 registration policy: Paper registration is mandatory to allow the inclusion of the work in the conference proceedings and in the ACM digital library. An author or a proxy attending SAC must present the paper. No-show of registered papers and posters will result in their exclusion from the ACM digital library.